A beginner's first server side language

This is the beginner's introduction to programming languages and frameworks that they'll learn for server-side internet development and a part of a continuation of the way to learn internet development for an entire beginner. These server-side programming languages are the foremost well-liked and have large communities behind them creating them nice for many individuals to find out.

Programming language to learn server site

JavaScript: this is the latest in the list and today's fastest increasing. It was released in 2009 and is used on the server side to operate JavaScript software. The great thing is that for back-end development, you don't have to know a fresh language. You can also use the JavaScript you are using for front-end processing in the back-end. One thing that JavaScript does very well compare to most other languages is real-time applications as it was developed with it in mind. Therefore, if you're building something that requires real-time job like chats or matches, it's a nice starting point. Since it is also newer than the other languages, it comes with some beautiful and contemporary characteristics that are missing in earlier languages.

Java : this is another common language used on a number of significant blogs. For many tiny apps, however, it's overkill that can be accomplished with something much easier. It is used in many big enterprise working on custom php application development that interact with other devices such as mainframes in banks and insurance companies. It's also very strong in terms of scalability, but to care about down the road is more of something.

Ruby : this is mainly common as it is appropriate for fast web development. Rails is Ruby's most common frame to use. Compared to some of the other countries, it is a latecomer and has become more common since the beginning of 2010s. It is embraced today by many startups wishing to construct and market quickly. However, for learners, I would recommend against it for a smaller framework.

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