SEO and php it works together !

For a success on the Internet, therefore a seamless visibility, one must have a good SEO. SEO is usually naturally provided on the site right from its inception. There are two types of which the artificial SEO which consists in the favorable positioning by the site on a search engine by paying other sites of shares or links to convey the information. But the most classic way to guarantee SEO is the developer's work on the site.

Using php for SEO

When creating the site, it is important that the PHP developer can ensure the pages are positioned as best as possible. The first way to do this with php is to reconfigure URLs in each page. The URL is the link, therefore the address, which leads the user directly to a section of the site. PHP has flexibility and ease of use to write these URLs and make them more accessible to users. The php development company can in this case improve the site either from its creation or during the maintenance so that it can reach a high level of referencing on the web via the search engines. How do these URLs work? When a file is published on the web, it must be added a directive, in order to redirect it to an index.php and then to the URL. The implementation of php and all these framework in the development of web pages is very easy and allows to have a more appreciable result.

PHP, a good solution for SEO

SEO is primarily guaranteed by web content. This means that it is not enough to develop the site but also to properly organize and develop the design and then the contents: texts, images, and form of each page. For texts for example, it is important to value titles, headings and keywords contained in meta tags. But in any case the valuation of these metadata descriptions is not worth anything without a rewritten URL. Engine robots can easily index keywords in bold, percussive titles and optimized URLs.

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